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Check the \netduino.helpers\Samples folder for the samples.

Sample descriptions

\netduino.helpers\Samples\ASSM: is a simple class used to illustrate dynamic assembly loading of little-endian PE files on the netduino.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\BeyondHelloWorld: is a large sample making use of:

\netduino.helpers\Samples\DS1307: tests all the functions of the Maxim DS1307 real-time clock.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\AdaFruitSSD1306: sample driving an AdaFruit SSD1306 monochrome OLED display

\netduino.helpers\Samples\AdaFruitST7735: sample driving an AdaFruit ST7735 TFT display

\netduino.helpers\Samples\WaterHeaterController: water heater controller designed to save energy. Makes use of the Serial Interface Builder, the Hitec HS6635HB servo and the DS1307 clock. This project is documented here.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\ImagingSamples: show how to build multi-layered bitmap compositions. This project has not yet been documented with a blog post.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\HiTecServoTest: simple unit test for the HiTec servo driver moving the arm back and forth from 0 to 180 degrees.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\Max72197221Test: unit tests exercising all the functions of the Maxim 7219 / 7221 LED driver. This driver is documented here.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\RingToneTest: unit tests for the RTTL sound support. This driver has not yet been documented.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\PIPBoy3000: Geiger counter and Twitter client sample. This project is documented here.

\netduino.helpers\Samples\JSONParserTest: JSON parser unit test samples. This project is not yet documented.


Be sure to check out the netduino Beta forum for the latest flash version required to support SD card I/Os.



\netduino.helpers\Tools\1BitBmpToHex: is a simple .bmp conversion program. It expects 1-bit depth bitmaps and spits out the corresponding hex codes and raw binary content of the bitmap. The raw binary files are used by the Bitmap and CharSet classes. Note: the bitmaps are in reverse video by default.

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