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Project Description

The 'netduino Helpers' is a C# library providing hardware drivers and utility classes supporting the following:

  • Analog joysticks
  • Interrupt-driven push-button
  • Real-time clock (DS1307)
  • 8*8 LED matrix
  • AdaFruit ILI932x TFT display
  • AdaFruit SSD1306 OLED display
  • AdaFruit ST7735 TFT display
  • AdaFruit VC0706 Camera
  • AdaFruit ST7565 Negative LCD display
  • AdaFruit LPD8806 LED strip driver
  • Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F Distance Measuring Sensor
  • Shift registers (74hc595)
  • Runtime assembly & resource loader
  • Bitmaps & Bitmap Compositions
  • HiTec HS6635HB servo driver
  • Serial Interface Builder
  • LED matrix driver (Maxim7219 or compatible)
  • RTTL sound support (ringtones)
  • Variable / Fixed type font rendering
  • 16x16 icon rendering
  • Basic type serialization / deserialization
  • Trigonometry library (exMath-based)
  • Lightweight JSON parser (parsing from stream & string)
  • Virtual Memory support
  • PIX-6T4 console bootloader and games

This is a work in progress as more drivers and functions will be added as the need arises.

The library is now available as source-code only.

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